Kingmon Creative is Megan, Amanda, & YOU!

We are a team of two queer women with experience in a range of talents such as photography, videography, directing, and producing. They specialize in Fashion, Wedding, Event, & Nightlife Photography & Videography! They are currently relocating from Seattle to Los Angeles in November, 2018. Kingmon Creative was born in April of 2015, and continues to grow, rapidly. GIRL BOSS POWER!!!

 Megan has the important technical knowledge a business like this requires. Megan was "that girl" always documenting her friends, taking photos, videos, making music videos, and recording everything! As her talents grew she realized her love for creating visual art. During college, she earned a degree in digital media. This led to fun jobs such as videotaping live college sports games, short films, and music videos.  

 Amanda's passion for photography & film started with a few trips around the world, and a Nikon camera she received as a gift. She documented the people, places, and things that caught her eye, and others began to take notice of her creative point of view. She has always had a passion for the creative & performative arts as a  local musician, actress, filmmaker, Youtube influencer, and photographer.  She uses her diverse creative background to produce vibrancy, creativity, and depth within the projects.  Amanda also works as a Nanny. 

Both members of Kingmon Creative are proficient in producing, directing, shooting photography & film, editing, and more! The team has been creatively working together for almost 5 years.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about our team! We would love to hear about your vision! Whatever you're planning, it's an honor you would consider us to share in YOUR journey! Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions. 
With love,

Amanda & Megan