Amanda Black's music career began with her love, and studies of musical theatre in high school & college. Realizing that dancing was not her forte, she dropped out, and joined a locally established band. The band went onto to making a few records, winning battle of the bands, and their nationwide tour with Amanda leading the pack as the front woman, before eventually parting ways. Some of Amanda's biggest musical influences include, Paramore, various 80's pop artists, R&B/Hip Hop, Amy Winehouse, Jazz, and good old fashioned rock and roll. Her covers, and vocal style heavily reflect her diverse style. Amanda Black is now working on forming a new band project entitled EMRLD (follow on IG @emrldband) which is currently in writing, so keep an ear out!!! NEW ORIGINAL MUSIC COMING SOON!!!! In the mean time, listen to some of her curated covers below!! 



Photo:Megan King -Kingmon Creative